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Plan your 2023 leave wisely with our guide to getting 47 days off work using just 19 days of annual leave…where will you fly?

With all of the recent route announcements for 2023, now is the time to think about how you can maximise your annual leave to make the most of the destinations we are offering this year!

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Chill out on a beach in Alicante all year-round, fly to the Spanish or Portuguese sunshine this summer seven times a week or go sightseeing in New York City with our connecting year-round flights via Dublin.  Or do you fancy a UK city break?  We have London well covered with up to six flights a day to Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted and three different airlines flying into Manchester, up to daily, all year-round.  With these tips you’ll have time to do more than one trip! 

If your employer closes on weekends and bank holidays, here’s what to do…

If you book off the following days over Easter:

- Monday 3 April

- Tuesday 4 April

- Wednesday 5 April

- Thursday 6 April 

You’ll then also have Friday 7, Saturday 8, Sunday 9 and Monday 10 April off work. Combined with the weekend prior to your leave, that’s a whopping 10 days off.

As the Early May Bank Holiday takes place shortly after the Easter break, you can make the most of this one for optimum holiday time too.

By booking the following days off, along with the bank holiday on 1 May, you’ll get nine days in a row away from your desk:

- Tuesday 2 May

- Wednesday 3 May

- Thursday 4 May

- Friday 5 May

The late May bank holiday falls on 29 May, so taking two days off on each side of it will give you a total of nine days off. 

Here are the days you need to book off:

- Tuesday 30 May

- Wednesday 31 May

- Thursday 1 June

- Friday 2 June

Next tip!  By taking four days off after the August bank holiday, you’ll have nine consecutive days to turn into a lovely longer break. 

These are the days you need to book off as leave: 

- Tuesday 29 August

- Wednesday 30 August

- Thursday 31 August

- Friday 1 September

Finally, if you book these days off:

- Wednesday 27 December

- Thursday 28 December

- Friday 29 December

You’ll round off the celebrations with a festive 10 days in total off work. 

Even if it’s just in the planning stage for now, at least it gives us an excuse to start daydreaming about how we’re going to spend our annual leave in 2023. And who can blame us?