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Cornwall Airport Newquay Achieves “very good” in CAA’s Annual Accessibility Report

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Cornwall Airport Newquay is proud to announce that it has achieved a 'Very Good' rating in the Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) annual Airport Accessibility Report, covering the period from April 2022 to March 2023. This achievement reflects the airport's continuous commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible travel experience for all passengers.

The CAA's Airport Accessibility Report is a comprehensive assessment of UK airports' efforts to cater to the needs of passengers with reduced mobility and other disabilities. It evaluates airports' facilities, services, and support systems, aiming to ensure that every individual can travel with comfort and ease.

Cornwall Airport Newquay's 'Very Good' rating is a testament to the airport's dedication to delivering great service and prioritising the needs of all passengers. The team at Cornwall Airport Newquay has worked tirelessly to enhance accessibility and inclusivity, embracing the spirit of their small, friendly but professional airport.

Key Initiatives and Improvements:

Throughout the assessment period, Cornwall Airport Newquay implemented various initiatives and improvements to enhance accessibility and ensure a positive experience for passengers with diverse needs:

Sunflower Lanyard Scheme: Recognizing the importance of discreetly identifying passengers who may require additional assistance, Cornwall Airport Newquay implemented the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme. Passengers wearing a sunflower lanyard can discreetly signal their need for support, allowing staff to provide personalized assistance.

Accessibility Forum: Cornwall Airport Newquay hosted a quarterly Accessibility Forum comprised of volunteers with various assistance needs, including those who have recently traveled by air or aspire to do so. This invaluable group provides firsthand insights and feedback, driving continuous improvement in the airport's accessibility offerings.

Ongoing Training: The airport ensured that its staff received regular training in disability awareness and assistance protocols, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding.

Kelly Jones, Passenger and People Proposition Manager at Cornwall Airport Newquay, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, stating, "We are incredibly proud to have received a 'Very Good' rating in the CAA's Airport Accessibility Report. At Cornwall Airport Newquay, we firmly believe that every passenger should have access to a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, who continuously strive to improve our services and create an inclusive environment for all."

Cornwall Airport Newquay is committed to building upon its accomplishments and ensuring that accessibility remains a top priority in the future. The airport looks forward to welcoming travelers from all walks of life and providing an exceptional experience for every journey.

About Cornwall Airport Newquay:

Cornwall Airport Newquay is a vital gateway to Cornwall, providing excellent air connectivity to domestic and international destinations. The airport prides itself on offering outstanding customer service and embracing a culture of accessibility and inclusivity for all passengers.

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Josie Hutt

Marketing Manager