Cornwall Airport Newquay Proudly Supports the Sunflower Hidden Disability Scheme

Cornwall Airport Newquay is delighted to announce its official participation and support for the Sunflower Hidden Disability Scheme. This initiative, aimed at enhancing accessibility and inclusivity, further demonstrates the airport's commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences for individuals with hidden disabilities.

The Sunflower Hidden Disability Scheme involves the distribution of sunflower lanyards and other related merchandise to individuals with hidden disabilities, allowing them to discreetly indicate to airport staff that they may require additional assistance or understanding. By wearing the sunflower symbol, passengers can communicate their needs to airport employees, who have been specially trained to recognize and provide appropriate support.

As part of its commitment to creating an inclusive environment, Cornwall Airport Newquay recognizes that not all disabilities are visible and understands the importance of accommodating passengers with hidden disabilities. By supporting the Sunflower Hidden Disability Scheme, the airport aims to ensure that every individual feels welcomed, valued, and supported throughout their travel journey.

Passengers participating in the Sunflower Hidden Disability Scheme at Cornwall Airport Newquay will benefit from a range of assistance, including dedicated support in check-in, security, and boarding processes. The airport's trained staff members will be readily available to provide guidance, ensure a stress-free experience, and address any specific requirements passengers may have.

Cornwall Airport Newquay encourages all passengers with hidden disabilities to take advantage of the Sunflower Hidden Disability Scheme. The discreet and recognizable symbol acts as a powerful tool for improved communication, allowing individuals to receive the appropriate support they deserve.

By supporting the Sunflower Hidden Disability Scheme, Cornwall Airport Newquay reinforces its ongoing commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, fostering an environment where everyone can enjoy a positive and comfortable travel experience.

For more information about the Sunflower Hidden Disability Scheme at Cornwall Airport Newquay, please contact: