Cornwall Airport Newquay Introduces Operational Ambulift, Enhancing Accessibility for Passengers.

May 2023 – Cornwall Airport Newquay is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its commitment to accessibility with the introduction of an operational ambulift. This remarkable addition marks a significant step forward in the airport's ongoing journey to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for all passengers.

The ambulift, a specialised vehicle designed to provide safe and comfortable boarding and disembarking for passengers with reduced mobility, is a testament to Cornwall Airport Newquay's unwavering dedication to creating a more accessible environment. This latest advancement reinforces the airport's commitment to ensuring that everyone can enjoy a seamless and dignified travel experience.

Recognising the importance of accessibility, Cornwall Airport Newquay has been actively investing in infrastructure and services that cater to the diverse needs of passengers. The introduction of the ambulift aligns with the airport's overarching vision of inclusivity and its commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences to all individuals, regardless of their mobility requirements.

The implementation of the operational ambulift is a result of close collaboration of our passenger services team, in house training team and members of the accessibility forum. Cornwall Airport Newquay extends its heartfelt appreciation to all members of the team involved, whose cooperation and support have been instrumental in making this milestone a reality.

Passengers can now look forward to improved accessibility and enhanced convenience when traveling through Cornwall Airport Newquay. The ambulift's presence not only signifies the airport's progress in its accessibility journey but also underlines its dedication to creating an inclusive travel hub for all passengers.

For more information about the ambulift and Cornwall Airport Newquay's commitment to accessibility, please contact: Kelly Jones