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USA the easy way - packaged by Kernow Travel Company

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The USA is consistently one of the most popular destinations for visitors from the UK. Each year millions of us head to the land from which we are divided by a common language! Indeed, it is that common language that is one of the reasons for it being such a go to country for us Brits – we can get around without communication issues.

Keeping it simple is often a key factor in deciding where we go for our hard-earned holidays and breaks. This is why starting your break by flying from Cornwall Airport Newquay is such a great choice. Using the year-round flights with Aer Lingus from Newquay via Dublin, you can be enjoying your US break quicker than you’d think.

Well timed flights, and daily in summer, mean good connections in Dublin. Add to this the further benefit of being able to clear US Immigration in Dublin means you effectively arrive in the US on a domestic flight, and you walk straight past all those infamously long immigration queues (or ‘lines’ – remember what we said about the language)!

What does this actually look like in reality….? Ask yourself this, if you were flying from London to New York, what time would you leave your house in Cornwall to catch a flight to New York that departs at 10.00 – it would be around eight hours before you’re even on the plane. It’s an eight-hour flight and, allowing an hour for immigration, that’s around 17 hours before you emerge blinking into the US sunlight.

Compare that to the flight that leaves Newquay at 13.10 and arrives at New York at 19.20 – genuine daily timings. That’s a total journey time of 11 hours and a time saving of six hours.

Of course, you may decide to travel to London (road, rail or air) the previous day which is even more time and expense!

So where can you go?

The Kernow Travel Company have amazing city breaks using this means of travel to New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington! All iconic US Cities.

New York needs no introduction. The home of world-famous shopping and landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park and countless others. With a vast array of attractions, tours and shows – we can plan and book it all for you book it all for you

Boston is the birthplace of the American Revolution and is an amazing city with spectacular, history inspired sights. Also gateway to the amazing New England – extend your stay and enjoy a world-renowned Fly Drive in the Fall (Autumn - sorry!).

Chicago is (in this scribe’s opinion) the most underrated city in the US and is a superb option for a break. Amazing shopping on the Magnificent Mile and a haven for sports lovers (yes, we can book sports tickets too). You’ll be amazed at how many sights you recognise from the plethora of movies that have been filmed there…

Washington DC is well known as the nation’s capital. Home of the White House, all the governmental institutions that surround it and world-famous museums make Washington a wonderful destination for those who want to get to the heartbeat of America!

All packages are ATOL Protected for your confidence meaning you can relax and look forward to your break knowing your money is secure.

Holidays packaged and arranged by the Kernow Travel Company. Contact us for more information and to book your US break from your local airport.

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