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A day in the life of our Passenger Service Agents

Find out what a typical day looks like for our Passenger Services Team, from dawn til dusk.

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Our Passenger Service Agents are one of the first points of contact at the Airport, typically seen in departures ensuring that our passengers – and their luggage – are checked in to reach their destination. 

But what does a typical day look like for a Passenger Services Agent at Cornwall Airport Newquay?

Checking passengers in 

A shift can begin as early as 5.30am, when the check-in systems are examined to ensure they’re ready for the day ahead. There are three things a Passenger Services Agent needs to be equipped with in the morning; baggage belt keys, a radio and a welcoming smile for all our passengers.

It’s around this time that passengers are beginning to wake up, some preparing for business meetings while others are packing last minute bits for their long-haul holidays. Popular destinations include cruising around the Caribbean or sightseeing in New York, but each journey begins at Cornwall Airport Newquay, where we check-in passengers’ baggage before they’re reunited with it half way across the world. 

Due to the nature of the job, Passenger Services Agents occasionally have challenges to overcome during their day. Passengers who turn up without identification, and those who have booked their flight on the wrong day, are common situations requiring the expertise of a Passenger Services Agent. At the information desk our Agents are busy answering the phone, assisting with any passenger queries and enquiries, alongside processing access into the Business Lounge.

Remaining friendly, calm and collected is important in this role, especially as check-in is a repetitive process. We have to adhere to multiple sets of regulations, which require us to ask all passengers questions about their luggage, such as if they’re carrying lithium batteries or have any liquids in their hand luggage. 

However, check-in is also one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Passenger Services Agents welcome regular passengers and meet people from all walks of life, an extremely fulfilling aspect of the role. 

Preparing flights for boarding 

Another member of the Passenger Services Team greets passengers in the departure lounge as they prepare the gate area for boarding. It’s during this time Agents must check the size of any hand baggage, as it must meet with the airline’s requirements. Passengers are then called forwards to the gate as boarding commences. All travel documents and passports must be scanned into the system before a passenger can board a plane. 

Passenger Service Agents don’t just prepare flights for boarding; they also marshal passengers from incoming flights. This means that whatever the weather, our dedicated team are out on the airfield ensuring passengers reach the terminal safely. 

Delivering excellent customer service

As a Passenger Services Agent, you never know who you’ll be dealing with on a daily basis. Passengers come from all different backgrounds, and there are an increasing number of travellers who require special assistance. Alongside check-in, this is another extremely rewarding part of the job as this makes travel accessible for all. People who have not previously had the confidence to travel are suddenly able to make use of air connectivity to and from Cornwall, taking them to destinations all over the world, as they know our staff have the specialist training to help them on their way.