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3 Reasons why a Spring Break is better

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Ok so we’re not quite out of the dark yet, but the mornings are getting brighter and people no longer have to leave the office in pitch darkness. It’s time to start thinking of spring; of blooming flowers, brightening skies and rising temperatures – it’s time to dream of Spring Breaks! 

We Brits have wholeheartedly embraced the cult of the Summer Holiday and yet, so often the stories of those returning from such high-season trips are peppered with little complaints: ‘the beaches were crowded’, ‘accommodation was so expensive’, and (a personal favourite of ours) ‘it was too hot for me!’… Too hot. Well, who would have guessed?

With more options than ever for a spring holiday break from Newquay, we thought we’d outline just why we should think of a holiday in springtime!

1. It's Quieter...


This isn’t really a point that’s up for discussion, it just is. Whether you’re heading to Portugal’s Algarve coast, the white sands of Alicante or even popping over to Dublin for a weekend break, spring-time is a fantastic opportunity to make the most of smaller crowds but still get a bit of sunshine in as well. 

Even as early as April temperatures in Alicante and Faro can climb up to 21°C (which you don’t need us to tell you is about the same as what Cornwall gets in mid-summer!) and with no crowds you can actually walk down the cobbled Mediterranean-style streets and take in the beautiful architecture and sights, without being jostled and penned in on all sides. For those looking for some sunshine and relaxation without the stress of ‘all those people’ spring really is the best time to make your escape.

2. It's Cheaper...


Again, this is fairly self-explanatory really. Going out of season gives a huge advantage to the budget traveller, not just with far cheaper flights but with car-hire and accommodation too, leaving you more dosh to spend on all those lovely bars, restaurants and markets. Even if you’re not on a tight budget, the spring shoulder season can really help you maximise your spending power. With most tourist destinations properly opening for business around the Easter Holidays (1st two weeks of April this year), many attractions will be open already and you can see and do exactly the same things as you would in high summer.

Importantly, after Easter there is a period over April, May and early June that forms a gap between the times of high demand (i.e. between the school holidays). Make use of this gap and you can still be out in the Med relaxing in the 20°C+ sunshine, for far less than what it would cost in July or August! 

3. It's just better all round...


Ok, so this is a bit more subjective but bear with us. You never know, you might be the type of person who really loves getting up at 5.30 and making your way down to the beach to fight for your 2.5 meters of sandy dominion, or paying through the nose for a pokey little apartment with ‘partial sea views’… 

Or perhaps not.

If you aren’t constrained by the school holidays (we feel your pain young mums & dads!) and prefer a smidge of personal space, some relaxation and a bit of colour in your scenery you might just find the spring one of the most enjoyable times to pop out of the country for a holiday. With flowers blooming, blue skies and slightly milder temperatures (whilst still being pretty damn warm by British standards!) a springtime holiday to Spain or Portugal will give you all the benefits of a summer break, with far fewer of the draw-backs. Even some of our more northerly destinations like Dublin can be far more attractive in the spring, with plenty of local festivals and flower shows to entertain visitors, all at a fraction of the price of a summer visit.